(1)What brand is DONNA?

DONNA is a global entry luxury fashion brand, coming from Italy, which has a history of three decades of glasses technology and a good reputation in 18 countries around the world. We are an enterprise of independent production of frame and lens. Each lens is engraved with the Logo “DONNA” for recognition.


(2)What are the lenses made from?

Our lenses are made from resin,which is safe ,durable and strong impulsive force.


(3)What are the advantages of Donna’s sunglass lenses?

It is using 9 layers polarizing technology(surface scratch resistant film,polarizing film,UV400 double-layer protective film,UV400 double-layer protective film,PVA polarizing filter,UV400 double-layer protective film,UV400 double-layer protective film,polarizing film,resistant force film) to filter the natural light.


(4)What is TR90?

TR90 is a kind of polymer material, which has the following advantages: chemical residue, anti-friction ,good flexibility, super light and no press.


(5)Advantages of anti blue lens?

According anaglyphic principle,the anti blue film of the lens blocks the blue light and then the wearer will see yellow color.As a result,the white part of electronic screen will be softened to reduce visual fatigue and protect eyes.


(6)Prescription for getting glasses.

Suggest  you go to a professional group or hospital for accurate optometry, and provide the following information:

No astigmatism: myopia right, myopia left, PD(R+L)

Astigmatism: myopia right, myopia left,(PD(R+L),astigmatism right, astigmatism left, axis of astigmatism